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TFI Academy

Also Known as Tyler Firearms Instruction

What I Do

Handgun 1

Surgical Speed Shooting – which is a one day process based class working on fundamentals and speed.

Handgun 2

Fast and Efficient Gun Handling – which is a one day class teaching execution of gun handling skills more efficiently.

Handgun 3

All Things Movement – which is a one day class blending movement fundamentals and technique together, smoothly.

Major Match Prep

Pre Match Boot Camp – which is a two day class focused on preparing you for the major match that follows the boot camp.

TFI Academy

TFI Academy Online – which is a DIY training providing you access to various training materials to work on at your pace

TFI Academy Team

6 Mo Shooter Development – which is a 6 month shooter development program focusing on action pistol competition

Who is Keith Tyler &
What is TFI Academy

Keith Tyler doesn’t just teach firearms instruction but has practiced it within his 24 years of Law Enforcement and the time and energy he has spent working on his own competition goals, which ended up with obtaining USPSA Grand Master in Open and Carry Optics divisions. 

He takes pride in his work and truly wants the best for every single one of his students.

Learn more about Keith and his acolades, then check out his training options and where/when they are happening.

“My advice for the single best thing you can do for your practical shooting career is seek out professional instruction, especially early on. And my #1 recommendation for that is Coach Keith and TFI.”
-Jack Lapham, Sig Electo-Optics

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