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Also Known as Tyler Firearms Instruction

What TFI Academy Does…

Action shooting is a very complex sport requiring the shooter to have command of many different skills just to get through a course of fire and survive a match.  Once the essential skills are achieved, the work to excel at the sport can begin.

My approach to shooting is simple: master the fundamentals.  Most of us will never achieve the rank of Grandmaster, but every competitor can improve by mastering the fundamental skills involved in action or practical shooting.

In my courses, I break the skill sets into five separate areas of study; Surgical Speed Shooting, Fast and Efficient Gun Handling, Movement, Movers and Fallers, and Stage Planning with Execution.  While this approach may seem very broad, it provides a flexible framework for focused learning throughout this training course and has proven to produce measurable improvements in competitive performance.

We don’t just show you “my way”, I look at your existing skills and mode you into the best shooter you can be.

The Basic Handgun Series of classes is focused on the new or beginning handgun owner.  Safety will be the first and foremost learning objective.  These 4 hours blocks of instruction are designed to give the new handgun owner the safety skill and basic range skills to begin enjoying shooting.  There is no need for a holster or special gear.  Come learn how to safely handle and confidently shooter your new handgun.

The Everyday Cary Series of classes wishes to fill a large training gap.  Everyone is buying a handgun; many are carrying a concealed pistol for the first time but few are training with them.  This series of courses is focused on basic everyday carry of a firearm, This is not a basic handgun safety course nor is it a close quarters battle class.  Our course objective is to teach safe concealed carry skills and practices by building the shooter up from the ground with solid fundamental skills that are easily repeatable, on demand under stress.  

The Shooter Athlete Program focus is not just on teaching a skill set and sending you on your way but developing a shooters skill and applying them to competition.  This is a 7 month long shooter develop program focusing on individual development and progress.  It starts in February, we meet once a month for live fire training session of no more than 8 students. A couple days after our training day I will send you dry fire and live fire homework to be completed. I encourage student to send me videos of their training to I can give pointers.  Students will have access to over 50 training videos explaining and demonstrating skill and drills.

This is an intense program with a demand on your time and effort in order to get returns.  It has produced a few Grandmasters and many Master class shooters over the past 5 years

Training will be custom for your needs.  Basic’s through high performance pistol and carbine courses of instruction.  Make it a combo class with a bit of both.  Defensive handgun and LEO training is available.   

Who is Keith Tyler &
What is TFI Academy

Keith Tyler doesn’t just teach firearms instruction but has practiced it within his 24 years of Law Enforcement and the time and energy he has spent working on his own competition goals, which ended up with obtaining USPSA Grand Master in Open and Carry Optics divisions. 

He takes pride in his work and truly wants the best for every single one of his students.

Learn more about Keith and his acolades, then check out his training options and where/when they are happening.

“My advice for the single best thing you can do for your practical shooting career is seek out professional instruction, especially early on. And my #1 recommendation for that is Coach Keith and TFI.”
-Jack Lapham, Sig Electo-Optics

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