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Keith Tyler
TFI Academy

Keith Tyler is an accomplished USPSA Grand Master in Open and Carry Optics divisions. He is a 24-year veteran of Law Enforcement where he worked patrol for 20 of his 24 years.

He has been involved in action shooting sports since 1992. He won his first sectional championship in 2001 and continued to dominate in the Pacific Northwest winning 2 Sectional Championships in 2021. Over his 29-year shooting career he won several Area Championships, taken 12th at the USPSA 3 Gun Nationals, 3rd Master at Nationals and too many State Championships to list.

Keith is also an accomplished instructor who focuses on the process of being a great shooter, not the outcome. He started teaching at the Vancouver Police Department Firearms unit in 2001, teaching officers rifle and pistol for the past 20 years. He has been running TFI, Tyler Firearms Instruction, since 2006. Here’s a highlight of his instructor level education

  • Criminal Justice Training Commission Rifle Instructor 40 hours
  • Criminal Justice Training Commission Instructor Development 40 hours
  • Criminal Justice Training Commission Field Training officer 40 hours
  • FBI Handgun Instructor 40 hours
  • NRA Law Enforcement Tactical Handgun Instructor 40 hours
  • NRA Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor 40 hours
  • Sig Sauer Academy Master Rifle Instructor 16 hours (Top Gun)
  • Sig Sauer Academy Master Pistol Instructor 16 hours (Top Gun)

“My advice for the single best thing you can do for your practical shooting career is seek out professional instruction, especially early on. And my #1 recommendation for that is Coach Keith and TFI.”
>Jack Lapham, Sig Electo-Optics

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