Shooter Athlete Program

TFI Academy Training

7 Month Long Shooter Development Program

Shooter Athlete Program

Course Objective

The focus is not just on teaching a skill set and sending you on your way but developing a shooters skill and applying them to competition.

We meet once a month for live fire training session of no more than 8 students. A couple days after our training day I will send you dry fire and live fire homework to be completed. I encourage student to send me videos of their training to I can give pointers.  Students will have access to over 50 training videos explaining and demonstrating skill and drills.

At matches, we try to squad together, and I coach the SAP Team members. For an extra fee ($25 per match) I will video your stages and send you a detailed voice over video analysis of your performance and how to improve.

This program is intensive and requires a commitment of money and time but the results over the years have been outstanding.  It is capped at 8 total students.


    • This is a 7 month commitment
    • 5 hour class
    • Start time 10am – End approx 3pm
    • Limited to 8 students max

        Tentative Class Schedule for 2023:

        • February  11th
        • March 11th
        • April 15th
        • May 13th
        • June 10th
        • July 8th
        • August 12th

            Prices & Policies:

            When you register for this class, you are registered for the whole 7 month program.

            • The cost is $250 a month or a total of $1,750 per student
            • A discount is given when paid in full, up front (pay $1650, save $100)
            • A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required.*
              • Deposit must be made to hold spot. Remainder due by or at the class
              • Deposit may be refunded if your spot is filled/replaced
              • May pay full amount when paying deposit
            • A minimum of four students per class is required.
              • Class will be cancelled if the minimum number of students is not met (In such a case a full refund will be issued).

            *Non-refundable unless you/I can fill your spot

            “I took Handgun 1, 2 and 3 with Keith – he is a very good instructor and his classes are all about the students, and not about him. He watches every student and coaches them according to what they need. What makes his training especially great is his ability to figure out what works best for each individual – for example, in Handgun 3 we were going through a drill where we move diagonally while engaging a target. One of the students didn’t do it right: he was not able to move smoothly and shoot accurately. Keith figured out a way to “deliver” instructions to him in way that was different for the rest of us and he got the job done. I highly recommend his classes. I will sign up for them again.
            ”   – Name

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