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“Attended the Handgun 1 class today. Keith is very professional and his experience as an instructor shows from the very start. The course is fast paced enough to get past the basics but also builds on and reinforces each step. It’s one of the few courses where you want to stay longer and practice your improved skills even more. It’s a full day of focused instruction with built in reviews and critiques so you have the chance to absorb and analyze what you’ve learned. Keith makes it very clear that you need to practice these skills and gives you the background to build your own sessions based on your skillset and what you want to achieve. If you have a desire to improve your competition skills, this is a great course.”   –


I have no problem paying for Keith Tylers' classes. They're 8 hours but limited class size and very specific training objectives and a written training plan. Since I've taken some of his courses, I know that he works with everyone on each objective. You leave the class, not only with knowledge, but specific knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses and the means to set your own training goals.


I went to one of the classes weekend before last and it's well worth the time. Keith is a first-class trainer. He gives you the tools and knowledge to keep improving after the class is over.


Beyond TFI individual courses, there is the TFI Academy. I was fortunate to participate 2 years in a row. The Academy had the largest impact on me in USPSA competition taking me from my first matches unclassified to Master and Grand Master. The greatest value I got from The Academy was learning how to train correctly. My training is targeted and efficient due to Coach Keith.


Whether its juniors, women, intense competitors, or professionals with big egos Keith is adept at breaking the ice and making the learning environment both fun and satisfying. He acknowledges the time-sapping effects of ‘war stories’ and keeps those to a minimum and only where they offer contextual training value.


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