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Private and small group classes are tailored to the shooters in the group. Even if they are not at the same skill level we can still be working on the same technique. Fundamentals are fundamentals, it is how they are performed that makes the outcome different. We can tailor classes for action shooting competition, Law Enforcement and defensive shooting.

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“I took Handgun 1, 2 and 3 with Keith – he is a very good instructor and his classes are all about the students, and not about him. He watches every student and coaches them according to what they need. What makes his training especially great is his ability to figure out what works best for each individual – for example, in Handgun 3 we were going through a drill where we move diagonally while engaging a target. One of the students didn’t do it right: he was not able to move smoothly and shoot accurately. Keith figured out a way to “deliver” instructions to him in way that was different for the rest of us and he got the job done. I highly recommend his classes. I will sign up for them again.
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